January 17, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #77

podcast_logo.gifThis and That. I finally vent about televangelists and those who wink at them. Some thoughts on internet “community.”


Bill Kinnon: Wake Up Call to Media Ministries?

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  1. A joy to listen to as always. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have never watched an entire Joyce Meyer episode. Today I watched about twenty minutes while I coffeed myself simply because of the Grassley thing. But in all I have watched I have never heard her talk about prosperity gospel. Most of what I’ve heard I could sign off on. Today she was talking about imputed righteousness. Same with Creflo Dollar. The ten or fifteen snatches of shows I have seen during my first cup of the day have never been prosperity Gospel. How do I miss all this stuff? Two minutes on TBN–Prosperity Gospel all the way.

    So do I need to watch more to get a better feel for what they are preaching or do I need to read their books or what? I’m not defending them. I just haven’t seen it.

  3. Caplight:

    1) Dollar will go prosperity almost nightly. In interviews and books he is blatant.

    2) Meyer is quite savvy at staying out of any accusations of associations with word-faith and prosperity. It will take more of an investment of time with her, as she is careful to stay “practical.”

    The problem with Meyer is she has a #120+ million dollar operation and lives like a queen, sucking a fortune out of the body and cause of Christ through books and offerings. Read Bill Kinnon’s summary at his blog.

    Any Christian leader taking in $120 million just to run a seminar and book business is corrupt. Straight out.

    3) The theological problems with these two and others on TBN are huge. They do not believe the Creeds. They believe in the Hagin Word Faith heresy of creation by speaking words. Many problems.

  4. You know what, right now I’m gonna take your word for it rather than buy the books and tapes.

    I wonder if the success of some of these people coincides with the growing of the seeker church or marketed church movements. In a sense as church has gotten lighter on the bible teaching and theology and moved more toward self-help evangelistic stuff and as people give less time per week to their local congregation maybe these ministries are outsourced discipling of a fashion. Not that they should be but maybe they function that way.

  5. MS,

    On the prosperity gospel, TBN, Gold Chair sittin’ hyper-gnostics I say AMEN.

    Meyer is a bit more difficult to pin down. However, the extravagant way that she does live makes you wonder where her heart is in the gospel (along with many other preachers). Unfortunately, my home church even had an issue of a pastor’s pay and the control of the church. When the finaces are not disclosed or even difficult to attain then it raises questions. This, unfortunately, can even happen with even standard non-televanglist prosperity teachers. It is sad. It is just blantant for TBN preachers. It is sickening. I pray it changes eventually.


  6. Good to hear the conviction in your voice on this issue. Hopefully others will also step up to the plate.

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