January 17, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #66

podcast_logo.gifA Pile on Pastore. Evangelicals can’t like anything. Christ centered view of the Bible and legalism.

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  1. Hello. You linked to an article about Harry Potter that contained this phrase:

    “the essential question of spirituality: What happens when I die?”

    I’d be very curious to hear if you and the other Boar’s Head Tavern people agree that this is the essential question of spirituality. To me (to put my cards on the table) it seems like kind of a shallow question.

    Thanks! Sorry to comment off-topic.

  2. Jeremy Keay says

    The folks at townhall.com list Ann Coulter’s ‘Godless’ on their list of recommended books. Why should I be shocked if they publish material that misrepresents or shamelessly slanders (libel I guess) someone — with no conscience or clue? Coulter has the main headline right now too, so why not keep clicking?

    I’ve already finished HPatDH. Good times.

  3. Jeremy Keay says

    Oh man, you are so right on about the “did someone accept Jesus?” obsession. I really don’t see any way to proceed with such a program without turning people into preached-at-objects.

    Preaching about the Bible as a bunch of nice stories and precepts sans Gospel is all to prevalent. So much gets added to the Gospel picture it’s like Where’s Waldo. Even more amazing, this comes from the same group that asks the question “did someone accept Jesus?”

    I’m more and more convinced that so much evangelism isn’t about the Gospel. It’s about a tribe that wants more members, with rights of passage, taboos, rules, and contemporary circumcision-stand-ins.

  4. Patrick Kyle says

    Amen,Amen,Amen to your discussion of Jesus as the key to the entire Scriptures. Reading the Scriptures( esp. the OT) looking for Jesus as the center will revolutionize your life and church in short order.
    Preach it!

  5. Hey Michael, good thoughts about what a Baptist Guy podcast would sound like. I’m equally cynical about what a UCC Guy podcast would sound like.

    That said, I’ve always wondered how you handle copyright issues re: the music that you use in your podcast. Maybe you’ve mentioned it and I missed it. Just curious, as I’m thinking about starting my own and didn’t want to get into trouble that could’ve been avoided.

  6. Music all comes from Garageband or with permission. Almost all from Garageband though.

  7. I just got ’round to listening to this one, and I have to say – even coming from northeastern Kentucky – I am continually shocked to learn about how much religious people care about the way other folks dress. Is it possible for me to say with charity, that anyone who’s going to be interested in my ears cannot possibly have anything interesting to say about Christ?

    My thought is that if someone has been formed as the kind of person for whom wearing earrings or not is a key gospel or lifestyle choice, really cannot have a good grip on what a gospel lifestyle is.

    And of course, I have four earrings. I’m not sure if anybody I know under the age of 50 ever notices, but I know it seems to infuriate anybody over 60. And frankly, I enjoy that, but it’s certainly not why I wear them…

  8. You’re going to hell, Kyle. Sorry.

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