October 28, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #62

podcast_logo.gifSummer plans, background for “The Baptist Way” and complementarian mythology.

There’s a slight error in the first couple of seconds when it’s played in the player or in QT. It’s not on the actual mp3, I don’t hear it in iTunes and I’m not going to rerecord to fix it. It’s all of 2 seconds. Deal. Paris Hilton is. So can you.

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  1. Darren Fox says

    Near the end of your podcast you said you would not define yourself as a complementarian, but would probably prefer to go to that kind of church. Is that a case of having your cake and eating it too? Sounds like you like the results of the complementarian movement but despise the fact that you do. I’m not trying to pick a fight, but your statement seems kind of contradictory. Any clarity you can provide would be most appreciated.

  2. Darren:

    I think what Michael is saying is that he agrees in general with the spirit of the complementarian movement, namely that men and women are different creatures and they function in different ways in a marriage situation, but disagrees with the hyper-specificity that many evangelicals in the complementarian camp are now moving toward in articulating exactly what the roles of men and women ought to be. In which case I believe that his position is a perfectly reasonable one.

    Michael, I hope that this is a fair summation of what you were saying in the last segment of your podcast.