December 5, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #61

podcast_logo.gifDan Edelen’s post on Evangelicals and their “Inhibitions” for God’s Majesty, Awe and Otherness.

Evangelicals as MAO Inhibitors.

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  1. You asked about recording a phone call&hellip: I’ve been participating in the Golf Talk Podcast at for some time now. We use Skype and a couple of other tools to record our conversations. It works pretty well if you can get your interviewee to use Skype.

    Check out the podcast post for how our editor gets the job done.

  2. Michael,

    Thanks for that – one of the best podcasts I’ve heard. Your comments on idolatry and the attempt to manufacture “MAO” were particularly helpful.

    If you’ve not read this before, you may be interested in Mike Horton’s essay on Gnostic worship where he links the approach towards worship that you describe with the “theology of glory” – the attempt to ascend to God by our own efforts and to encounter the “naked God” in an unmediated, direct way.

    The challenge is to find ways in which our worship can reflect the “mystery, awe and otherness” at work in the “theology of the cross”, in which we find God as he has revealed himself, hidden under apparently despised and insignificant forms. An overly-slick liturgy can be just as much a vehicle for the theology of glory as a 35-minute “worship session”.

  3. Michael,

    Theology Unplugged is going live in a few broadcasts. We are going to use a program called Connection Gate ( It is being released in beta this week. It is an online audio chat room that is designed for this kind of stuff. You can have a live online studio audience and allow them to ask questions either through text of through voice. You can also give your own ads, show your online audience PPT and webpages. I recommend it. Shoot me an email and I will give you a call to let you know more.


  4. Who chat with a mobile phone ?