January 27, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #60

podcast_logo.gifJerry Falwell; What’s on my podcast list; Are men oppressed in evangelicalism?

IM Radio is on iTunes. Search for Monk and ignore the other guy.


  1. Jeremy Keay says

    You don’t need to read the HP books. Just listen to Jim Dale read them on your ipod. Jim is a master voice artist and the books really come alive.

  2. JohnB5200 says

    I am sure I misheard, but it sounded like you were referring to a “Theology in a Pub” podcast.
    So I searched in iTunes and found one by that name. And it was about Catholicism. But the hosts had names like Friar this and that, and I thought, these guys graduated from DTS?

    So I googled some and realized you were saying “Theology Unplugged.” Phew, found the right guys.
    I have listened to some of their shows and they are very good.

    I can’t leave, however, without plugging Steve Brown’s Keylife program and podcast. He has one string on his guitar – radical Grace – and he plays it very well.

  3. Brian Pendell says

    Hold on a minute …

    “I have not read the Harry Potter books”

    “Everyone in my house has read the Harry Potter books”

    Forgive me, Mr. English Professor, but my brain just went TILT! The only way I can reconcile these statements is if you do not, in fact, live in your house.


    Brian P.

  4. I’m a church planter in Canada and I love watching The Hour. When you plugged “Strombo” I almost fell over. It is interesting to me how often The Hour drifts towards spirituality. Anyway, great show. It is a good slice of Canadian culture.

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