November 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 5

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 5. Mostly about promoting and provoking spontaneous learning. About 20 Minutes.


  1. chrisstiles says

    Incidentally – the Anglicans also have religious orders for men (who are also called monks).

  2. I just listened to IM5.
    1- I thought that internet monk was short for monkey, and you were making a sly comment on evolution.
    2- I have disagreed with Christians, both on the internet and the “real world” many times, and have found them to be all too eager to make no effort to answer my specific issues but rather to get down to the “fun” of personal attacks. This may be why so many are reluctant to express disagreement or non-comprehension.
    3- My literal introduction to the blogosphere was when I commented at the evil Fide-O. I said that the first commandment tells me that the bible is not the word of god.
    As you might imagine, I was not warmly received. I am now apparently banned for life from FideO. It is like Mark Twain said about being tarred and feathered…if it wasn’t for the honor I would decline.
    I have felt that way about the bible for quite some time, though. This is not to say that we cannot learn from the bible, but rather that…it is not the word of god. To my way of thinking, when you give the bible undue importance, you are insulting the book.
    I go into great detail on this…both the FideO story and my opinions …in my blog, The September/October archive for 2005 have several features on this.
    4- I enjoy the BH tavern, in no small part because you seem to share my opinion about FideO. My other internet adversary is the evil Frank Turk, so you seem to have made your peace with. As we say in Georgia, bless his heart.
    5- Again with my opinions, but the first commandment prohibits the trinity. No other god before you does include a son and a holy ghost.
    6- Even though I am a recovering babtist, I agree with them about alcohol. I decided in 1988 that life is much easier without beer. While I know this is not for everyone, it works in my life.
    Perhaps, if I had learned moderation as a kid instead of prohibition, I would be able to drink today. But, that is really a matter for discussion, because I don’t want to risk finding out.
    At any rate, I enjoy what you and your tavern buddies produce. I haven’t seen that much profanity there, contrary to your reputation. The drinking talk is mild and easily ignored.
    Also, Bill MacKinnon spells his name different from me, and thus is not related.
    Cam Mckinnon aka Chamblee54

    The spell check suggestions for FideO are fade, fiddle, video

  3. As a matter of clearing up a misunderstanding, Cam, I don’t think it is fair to say “I enjoy the BH tavern, in no small part because you seem to share my opinion about FideO.” One of Michael’s (and mine) objections to the TR talk about the BHT is that they tend to classify us as being Michael clones or all of one mind. This is certainly not the case and I think you misrepresent the BHT by claiming that the Tavern as a whole feels the same way you do about Fide-O or any other blog we’ve shared a flap with.

    I don’t care for Brian McLaren at all, but Michael’s link at the BHT last night to a McLaren post really sunk in for me. Am I treating my enemies, real or otherwise, graciously and lovingly? Probably not, but that is something that the Holy Spirit is convicting me of. I disagree with much of the content and form over at Fide-O, but please don’t lump me or any other fellows as sharing your opinions about them. Especially when you call Frank Turk evil, something he certainly is not.

    Also, on another note, if you think that the 1 commandment rejects the triunity of God then I think you really misunderstand the Trinue God altogther. Stan Grenz’ book “Rediscovering the Triune God” is a fantastic place to start.


  4. crosspull says

    I agree with your treatment of the issue of wine in the Bible. The Scripture strongly urges moderation rather than abstinence and never drunkeness. However I must say that I work with alcholics and addicts every week who would literally be ruined if they took a drink of wine or anything with alcholic content. They struggle with addiction every day of their lives. So I have chosen the path of abstinence not because drinking in moderation is wrong, but because I don’t want to use my freedom to enslave someone else, 1 Corinthians 8:9 It would be these folks I would consider a weaker brother, not in the sense that I am better than they but in the sense that they struggle with an addiction that will destroy them if they indulge.
    I think Paul would counsel us this way, “Therefore if food causes my brother to stumble I will never eat meat again, that I might not cause my brother to stumble.” I Cor.8:13.
    On the same note we should not look down our noses on believes who do drink in moderation as second class Kingdom citizens.
    Love your blog