November 29, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #48

podcast_logo.gifMore on Romans 15:1-7. Where do you look for spiritual deepening? Would you want your pastor going to an Ash Wednesday service? + an Old Testament resource.

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  1. unimackpass says

    I would personally be delighted to have a pastor with a vision bigger than himself and his own denomination. Could one of the reasons its hard to find spiritually renewing inspiration within ones own denomination is because fear has kept people from looking beyond their own pretentious borders. I think the spiritual anaemia that we are seeing is the result of fear and arrogance. Humility does not say, “I have no need of you”.
    There is a treasure trove of spiritual life in the writings of the Orthodox/Catholic world that is sadly all but unknown amongst protestants. This however is changing as starved people are going around their myopic leaders and unearthing those wells buried under post reformation propaganda. Do people really believe that for 1500 years there wasnt the living dynamic body of Christ on earth? Evan after Christ had promised “I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”?
    If there is a affirmative yes in some peoples mind than its quite difficult to argue with Mark Noll when he said, “The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there isnt one.” Hello is anybody home? Every time I read arguments against your well thought out essays his words ring strongly in my mind.
    Nolls himself is on a interesting ride. He said that after teaching Catholic history for thirty years he finally realized that the key in understanding the difference between evangelicals an catholics is ecclesiology. “Everything falls in place after that.” This realization came while a year and a half into writing the book, “Is the Reformation Over?” What a man of humility. Not being wrapped up in his own tight as a drum hermanutical methods, he was able to continue growing and learning. This after thirty years of teaching on a subject. He didnt think he knew it all. Note!- This is just the exact opposite of fundamentalism”- the bitter fruit of which to many of us have seen.
    Its bin noted that Catholics end up talking about the Church a bit much, but as Mark Nolls says it is of a different nature. To the catholic the understanding of the Church is a on going revelation of Christ himself, revealed in the “Mystical Body of Christ”. Therefor the beauty and incarnational understanding of the mass,revealing the mystery of the oneness of Christ and His Church,and the communion of saints, draws one deeper into Christ Himself.
    Is this why the writings of the Catholic/Orthodox saints, and sinners, are deeper, fuller and wider, and when deep calls to deep it is impossible to say no?

    In some ways evangelicals seem to talk more about the church. Just look at the present blogs. Most of them are about the evangelical church. You have bin given no choice because no matter which way you go you have to answer someone. But all of those “someones” have no way to agree on where to start to resolve issues let alone continue. After years of this we are left hungry if not starved.

    With catholics there is a starting point, a compass, a development of tried and retried truths, of biblical teaching, the flow of a seamless organic development of teaching starting from the first apostolic fathers to present. Protestantism though, seems to be a mish mash that keeps mutating into smaller and smaller fragments, including smaller and smaller home groups, [with no end in sight by the way]. AT best a conglomerate barely held together by the least common denominator. Which denomination seems to fulfil, “The Church the pillar and foundation of
    truth.” Which denomination is putting their application in for fulfilling that verse? Lets also include “which home group?”.
    The answer to your question is yes. I would love to have my pastor doing what u are doing.
    Where else is one supposed to go?
    Jesus disciples asked Him that very same question in John 6.