October 21, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #41

podcast_logo.gifOn being in denial about our controversies vs learning how to differ as members of the same family. Some newsy bits.


  1. i appreciated the podcast. i think the wider christian community would learn about unity in diversity if they practiced it in their own churches, their own congregations. if you can fellowship with diverse kinds of people in your church, then i feel you can do so on a wider scale. if you can’t love your neighbour, then you can’t love the greater community. we had an interesting sunday last, and i posted about it here. i think it relates. thanks.

  2. I enjoyed your podcast, Michael. Nothing to add, but I just had to make one comment. I laughed aloud when you stated that your Gospel of John study has gone on for a couple of years. My Sunday School class has a habit of really digging into the Word – our recent study of John lasted about a year, and we set a record with our two-year study of Ephesians!