July 16, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #38

podcast_logo.gifA great Andrew Peterson/Michael Card song. Words about ministry in response to suicide. The Christian-Industrial complex. A BCP based Bible reading resource.

The Internet Monk Radio Podcast is available at iTunes. A glowing review will cause God to give you your best life next Tuesday at 3:36 p.m.


  1. chrisstiles says

    The ESV/BCP readings are good though – as someone mentioned elsewhere – occasionally not all the readings are listed on the page.

    Additionally, I don’t know why there were no readings for the 26th/27th and 28th? I assumed the remaining Advent readings would be used during this time.

  2. Another great podcast, Michael. (And I now look forward to Tuesday @ 3:36.)

    Just wondering if you could begin to put “show notes” in your posts about each podcast. Some great links in this episode that my old brain couldn’t track fast enough. (And besides, my Moleskin is in the car.)

  3. Good suggestion.