September 23, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #35

podcast_logo.gifChristmas is coming…along with deadly candy bars. Doing away with Christendom. Warren and Obama. Two Gay Penguins want your kid. (Note: Yes, that’s an aquarium. I’m not in the shower.)

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  1. Honest question — not trying to be a smart-glute.

    I understand and agree that it’s a bad assumption that all evangelicals run screaming from anyone who is liberal. But how can we align ourselves, specifically as we try to expand our moral face beyond certain issues, with someone who is staunchly pro-abortion? And I don’t use that word lightly or in an inflammatory manner. Obama’s record shows that he is not simply pro-choice — he is pro-abortion.

  2. I would love to eat some of your candy for you. Do you think you could ship some down to Atlanta?

  3. If it comes to Atlanta, you’ll have to wrassle me for it, Joe. 😉

  4. Two Sheds Gomer: I’ll gladly share some with you. If we get too violent he may not send any at all.

    On a more serious note, this criticism of Obama by evangelical leaders reminds me of what Kathleen Blanco and other Louisiana Democrats (especially in the New Orleans area) did to Bobby Jindal when he tried to run for governor back in 2003. Jindal was a very articulate and intelligent leader, much like Obama, but he was young and unable to respond to the treatment that he got. Though he led by a sizeable margin for most of the race, he wound up losing narrowly.

    I don’t like it when the other side does it to one of our guys, and I will not accept it when our side does it to one of their guys.

  5. I was a bit behind on my iMonk podcast listening, so I’m sure this is old news by now, but just in case it isn’t…

    Dr. Camp’s response to the article that says he thinks we should do away with the lordship of Christ:

  6. Michael…I am new to your site (a few months now) and I love it! Including the podcast.

    Listening to podcast #35, I found myself in complete agreement on your discussion on the penguins. I shake my head at how ignorant some of my brothers and sisters in Christ can sound. I just get to the point I don’t want to hang around them because I get tired of hearing about everything they are against. Recently I read a movie review by a Christian columnist on “Talladega Nights” (as you referenced) and how we were supposed to boycott the movie because of how it makes fun of southern Christians. Uh boy.

    So this morning I saw a story in Agape Press about the speculation of possible Christian reaction to “The Nativity Story” star Keisha Castle-Hughes’ out-of-wedlock pregnancy. I held my breath as I started reading the story, expecting evangelicals and Vatican officials to call for a boycott of the film.

    However, I was relieved to find out (in this article, anyway) that Christian leaders are calling for “compassion, not condemnation”. They commended the 16 year-old actress for choosing life and pointed out that Christians don’t turn their backs on unwed mothers (as the media and others like to accuse – again to your point in the podcast about being suspicious of how the mainstream media reports issues). In fact the article referenced an expectation that the mainstream media had the same cynical expectation I had, and being somewhat disappointed there’s no outcry from evangelicals on this issue.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share this since it seems to be somewhat relevant to your podcast discussion regarding the penguins and the media reporting of Dr. Camp’s statements.

    Here’s the link to the entire article:

    Soli Deo gloria!