September 23, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #34

podcast_logo.gifTryptophan warning. Some thoughts on healing. Stuff you might want to buy. Shoutouts and up-coming events.

iMonk Radio is available at iTunes. I’d appreciate it if you could write a (good) review of the podcast for the iTunes page.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy your family if you can be with them, or go be family to someone else if you can’t.


  1. chrisstiles says

    There appears to be some minor audio nastiness on the podcast whenever you are speaking. There’s some kind of high frequency distortion going on – sounds like your microphone levels may need tweaking. Especially noticeable during the intro.

  2. Chris, I think it’s your equipment. I’ve listened to it multipole times on 3 different computers and had two other persons listen….no one hears this.