January 15, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #28

podcast_logo.gifSome thoughts on different ways of doing evangelism, and watching the culture warriors squirm a bit.

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  1. Good cast. The running theme seems to be, “God’s methods are not our methods!” thus spoke churchpundit!

  2. Jesus avoided both the major political parties in His day, perhaps we should? Good stuff.

  3. Regarding David Kuo’s book that you mentioned: “V for Vendetta” That’s all I have to say about that.

    Regarding evangelism methods, the first thing that comes to mind for me was a “friendship evangelism” strategy that was taught during a “campus missionary” program at my church a few years ago. The idea was that students go to class praying that God would show them four or five classmates that they were supposed to “witness” to. Then, they pick one, and make friends with them. The whole process was scripted, with steps like getting to know the person, up to doing something nice for them, taking them out to eat, whatever, and, at some point, sharing the Gospel with them. And then, of course, move on to the next person (presumably, the previous target [my term] had “been saved” and joined the church, so I guess you still hung around with them, too).

    As I was sitting in this training, I began to find the whole thing very offensive. It was manipulative and fake. It bore a striking resemblance to the “love bombing” tactics that many cults use to recruit new members. Of course, the idea stated was that we were “loving our friends to Christ.”

    But it wasn’t love; love can’t be manufactured, programmed, or scripted. It was a recruitment method, pure and simple. Perhaps the students would come to genuinely love their classmates, but that’s not necessary for the program to “work.”

    As I sat in that training, I kept thinking, “What about hanging out with people simply because you like them? What about sharing the Gospel with people who are already your friends, because you actually desire that individual to come to Christ, rather than because you desire some abstract “everybody” to be saved? What about loving people for who and what they are, no strings attached, rather than for what you want them to be?”

    I refuse to be a part of that. I refuse to be a part of selling Christ, or manipulating people into the church.

    As a side note, that program eventually died a very quiet death, and I very quietly celebrated.

  4. markwriter says

    People like James Dobson, D. James Kennedy and other pop-Christian “leaders” stand with politicians and pledge to take back America, and imply that electing certain politicians will be the cure of all ills. You are a fool if you believe them. Here you are, Internet Monk, having celebrated your 50th birthday, and you are still in shock that, “at the end of the day, it’s all about getting votes”? You are just as naive as the evangelical strawmen you enjoy flagellating on your podcast. Politics is always about the lesser of the evils, and in America there are only two legitimate evils to choose from: the Democrats and the Republicans. One does not have to become a GOP fanboy to realize that with the Republican party we have at least a glimmer of a hope to have lower taxes, more regulation of abortion, and at least a profession of respect for the rule of law and the constitution. Do you really believe that a Democrat is going to nominate supreme court justices who are strict constructionists? Beyond these basic things, what else are you looking for politicians to do? Lead communion in your church for you?

    You can kid yourself and say you are going to vote “independent”, but there is no “independent” party in america. Those who get elected as independents don’t have much effect on anything, because they don’t have any team members to help them. The closest thing we have to a third party is the Libertarian party, which has a number of fans out there, but does very little on a national scale.

    Bottom line is, quit yer whining and vote GOP — all the choices are lame, but the GOP is the lesser of the two evils. Or we can all sit and home and wish real hard for ‘perfect’ candidates (think about how stupid that is…”perfect” politicians???) and have the moveon crowd take over. That would really help things out, wouldn’t it? Yeah, let’s ‘fast’ from politics (i.e., conservatives, don’t vote for a few decades) and just witness to people. Yeah, like spending an hour casting a vote is going to distract everyone from handing out their four spiritual laws booklets.

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