January 27, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #26

How (Not) to Speak of GodLots about Ron Luce’s announcement that evangelical youth are an endangered species.

Special hellos to all my former OBI co-workers who listen to the podcast. Pass it along. Remember that I am on iTunes.


  1. That’s fabulous, you’re right on the mark. I’ve attended ATF in Tulsa, and been solicited by Teen Mania, and it’s just not Jesus to me. One of my friends recently said that if Christians were actually being disciples of Christ, and reading the bible to know what that means, then there wouldn’t be all these churches and programs and events – and the kingdom would be furthered. He’s 21 and is no longer attending the church as a coorporation, and I’m about to do the same.
    Also, I’ve linked this podcast on my Xanga.

  2. Oh, one more note: I’ve been reading your blog for probably 2 years now, and passing it on to people and reading tid bits of it to others. I’ve just finally gotten around to registering to comment, and you hit a spot that’s very real in my life right now.

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