September 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #22

Throat problems slowed down this week’s podcast, but here it is.

A review of the eventful week. Preaching on 5 minutes notice. Laundering IM posts. Some blog announcements. Piper leaves broadcast radio for the net.


  1. I enjoyed your podcast. I have to say, though, that I found it fascinating that some people would discredit what someone says based on their lifestyle or sin in their life. Let’s cut out the psalms, written by an adulterer and a murderer! I read today that because of the anti-German sentiment building in pre-war Britain, Barth was summarily marginalized and dismissed. And he was a Swiss who only spoke German! I feel it is crucial to hear one another because truth comes in and through many guises. churchpundit!

  2. J-Mac wrote a book “Why Government Can’t Save You”. The flip-side of that statement is true too: “Government Can’t Kill You”. There’s enough in this world to tick me off. I don’t need Dan Rather’s help. 😉

    Beyond “interesting”, I don’t know what to think of DG’s move off the airwaves. I don’t doubt for a second that this is how God is leading them. I just think I probably have a separate opinion about the concept in general. I just have no idea what it is.