September 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #21

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 21: Star Trek and fanaticism, Where’s my Apple Bible software?, Osteenia.


  1. Michael,

    I just read the cover story of TIME magazine for the Sept. 18 issue (online)—it’s called “Does God Want You to Be Rich?” They quote you about Joel Osteen. So that’s what you meant about getting some coverage! Here’s the link—you have to subscribe to TIME to get the whole article.,9171,1533448-1,00.html

    I’ve been reading your blog (and listening to the podcast) for several months and enjoy the perspective you bring.

  2. Brian Pendell says


    What are you looking for in bible software?

    Because there are a number of web sites that could very well give you what you want now … not cost you a cent .. and run on your mac.

    Examples might be: (search on 20 or so different versions of the Bible, including really obscure ones, with hyperlinked entries to approx. 8 different commentaries and a hyperlinked look at Strong’s Concordance, indexed against both NASB and KJV) (also big search engine, but without the references or the Strongs)

    Give me this set of tools and I’m all set for all kinds of tasks.


    Brian P.

  3. At this very moment, LOGOS is working on a Mac version of their software which should be released sometime this fall, or early winter.

    They have already said they will make the basic engine cheaper for those of us who already own the pc version. All you will have to do is bring over all your digital books.


  4. Thank you for going back to the old tone on your podcast. I liked this much much better than the “serious” tone last time.

  5. I just started catching up through your podcasts (which I am really enjoying, by the way) and got to this one. I don’t know if you’ve found a solution yet to your bible software woes, but crosswire’s sword project is available for mac and has been for some time. It’s what I switched to after Online Bible didn’t make the OS X jump. You can grab it at for no charge. Mac specific versions of each module add-in are available on the sword project’s page.

    To use windows software on an intel mac requires an installation of windows that either runs using Apple’s Bootcamp ( or the 3rd party Parallels ( The first is free, the second is not free but eminently more useful.