September 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #20

Trying to find the right “tone” for the podcast. Maybe less whistles and bells and a bit more serious.


  1. Brian Pendell says

    1) I liked the old format better.
    2) Now that I’ve sampled Robin Mark on Amazon, I’m going to just have to buy a CD or two. My heart thanks you. My wallet curses you.


    Brian P.

  2. Don’t get too serious on us! I like the dry humor and the occasionaly goofy sound bite makes it fun to listen to.

    I also think Robin Mark’s material is excellent. As for “Days of Elijah”, I have been in churches that HAVE directly connected it to the latter rain movement. It is typically served up pretty loud, followed by a time of corporate prophecy, interpretation, etc. Obviously there is nothing heretical in the text, I just think the fact that it is SO popular with some charismatics has given it a stigma in the eyes of some reformed types.

  3. Please go back to the old format. I liked that better.

  4. Personally, I’ve never found the whole Celtic praise thing appealing. Though that’s partly musical preference and partly due to first encountering the whole Celtic Christianity thing in situations and places where the Gospel was watered down.

    I suspect that what you are reacting to is the very strong metre in a lot of those types of songs (summarising from a quick flick through Robin Mark’s website). A lot of modern worship seems to have gone down the free-verse + lots of melisma path and churned out songs that are either hard to sing or all sound the same or both.

  5. The celtic praise that Robin Marks records wouldn’t be “watered down” but I know what you mean. And I agree that just good, singable mechanics are part of what I like.