April 6, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #159

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Vacation stuff. Raising the level of Christian Education. The Evangelical task in spiritual formation.

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  1. chris giammona says

    Thanks for the link to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality – I am good friends with Pete Scazzero and was a 3rd party editor/reviewer for the book, workbook, and the first book Emotionally Healthy Church.


  2. aaron arledge says

    I just assumed boiled peanuts were a southern thing all around. They are in about 75 percent of all the gas stations in GA and you cant go far on a country road till you will see someone on the side of the road selling them. Never seen them at a Braves game they are more of a football food.

  3. I’m a protestant, but I’ve studied Roman Catholic and Orthodox theology, church history and attended services in both of these traditions. St. Francis is a hero of mine, and I love Celtic Christianity — though I don’t practice much of the asceticism. I know that I’ve incorporated some their spiritual formation practices into my own life, but I didn’t really have anyone, other than the Spirit, helping me work through it. As far as protestant spiritual formation goes I tried the accountability groups for many years — that didn’t do much for me. And as far doing my “devotionals” went I was at a bit of an impasse. I didn’t know how I was supposed to keep that up for another fifty years. A couple years ago a attended a spiritual formation seminar put on by a group called Imago Christi — they are a protestant group that uses Theresa of Avila’s Seven Mansions as a bases of their spiritual formation model. I was amazed at how much I learned. We protestants are missing out on so much wisdom, experience and guidance by ignoring those Christians in the past who I guess we think are too Catholic, when really they are the shared heritage of us all.

  4. I first got hip to the shrimp and grits thing when I went to Charleston back in 2006. There are places here in Atlanta where you can get it; I guess the shrimp market is a little better here than in southeastern Kentucky. The best shrimp and grits I’ve had here in Atlanta is at a place called The Flying Biscuit. I don’t know if they have that anywhere in Kentucky, but if they do you need to try it.