September 19, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #151

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Powerpoint is boring. Churches can be wrong. Checking in on my disciples. Church and Kingdom again.

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Powerpoint is Boring. Teach Naked.
Douglas Wilson on tattoos. Also here. Also, Nancy Wilson on tats.

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  1. good takes. Getting addicted to the podcast. The 30 minutes fly by dude, liked a little longer program myself. Your observations about those with tattoos and piercings and such were great and can’t be overstated if you ask me–his kingdom is big as you point out. Listened to program #100 a few times this week to better understand some of your concerns (your suggestion in a very recent podcast). Interested to learn more about your views and also about your differences (besides the ones you mention a bit) with those of the Reformed and also Calvinistic leanings.

  2. “Powerpoint is boring. ”

    This is a statement anyone needs to hear? It has always been stupendously so. Is appearance alone is pain-inducing.

    Overheads in worship are not far behind. Xeroxes are more hip, for crying out loud. Please deliver us from audiovisual ministries and worship leaders who gallup through tradtitional choruses.

  3. Michael, I believe you were unfair to the Wilsons. “Fairly outrageous” you say? It’s not like either of them said “You can’t be a Christian and have tats.” Neither of them wrote anything like “alternative satanic baptismal symbols,” as you state in the podcast. The only thing that Nancy Wilson said about baptism was “God has determined what mark His children will have, and that mark is the water of baptism.” There are still people in the world who place a high value on symbolism, and believe that everything means something, and not just “it’s nothing more than what it is.” In his post, Douglas Wilson said nothing at all similar to what you stated. He did link to his wife’s (and daughter’s) posts and described them as “shrewd observations.”

    It would have been nice if you would have included a link in your show notes to their comments, as you did the “Powerpoint is Boring” article. I found Doug Wilson’s argument very interesting, as he didn’t lead off with the standard prooftext of Leviticus 19:27-28. Instead, he probed with the (apparently) unsettling question “Why?” In a subsequent post he does turn to Scripture. It’s a pretty good post too, even though he does use God’s Word. My parting question is, honestly, do you view Doug Wilson’s post as the words of a cocky, young man passing on his “prejudice and bias”?

  4. Apparently I can’t read then. I read all the Wilsons’ articles and the logic was clear: tats and piercings are alternative marks- i.e. baptism- for the “devil’s team.” Having been raised on this kind of thing- my church preached against women wearing pants at least monthly- it’s not hard to spot it.

    GIve a fundamentalist anything and in ten minutes they will tell you why its wrong. Count on it being a lecture about the associations in their cultural experience and how it informs their reading of the Bible, and count on it not being anything you could imagine Jesus were saying even if you were on hallucinogenics.

    The Wilson’s don’t like tats. So be it. You commend them for not using Lev 19:29? Yeah, that’s because that text and its surrounding texts make it clear that Doug should never trim his beard or the hair on the side of his head either.

    Start messing with old covenant ways to be a Christian and you wind up standing on your own prejudices. I’ve been there many times. My Mennonite friends wear clothes from the 1800’s. It makes perfect sense to them and they believe it’s what God wants. I respect them, but anyone actually buy the argument?

  5. Ahhhhh, mmmmm… Metalcore.

    My favorite line from one of my favorite contraband groups, Filter:
    “Feels like the only way is the wrong way.”

    Hmph, that’s kinda how I feel about my faith, at the moment…

    Good stuff, Michael.

  6. Spot on. What is left of the reformation? What did Luther accomplished? Did he trade one heteronomous leader with a pointy hat for 3,000+ denominations and parachurch demagogues each with at least one pointy hat?

    But the reformation was a bundle of contradictions. Luther fought for the right to confront error in the church, but then attacked the value of human reason. What he gave with one hand he seems to have taken away with the other.

    I’m sorry for your friend. I’m sorry for the congregation that ousted him. Jesus said something about those who while persecuting think they are doing God’s will. Someday they will have to face up to their delusion.

    • I guess part of the problem is that pure democracy always results in tyranny. There is a reason the United States is a Republic, rather than democracy.