September 21, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #148

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Where is the Gospel in the Church? Credo House. Blogosphere spiritual formation. Jesus calls the first disciples.

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The Credo House: Back in March, and Now.
David Wayne’s Blog
New Reformation Press: Where is the Gospel?

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  1. sue kephart says

    OK I agree that we are constantly being formed by culture and so on. I thought your goal was to be “Jesus Shaped” or formed into Christ-likeness??

    I don’t see the blogosphere doing that except maybe getting info. The “poison cool-aide” in my tradition is we are justified by faith so we don’t have to do anything. What Bonhoeffer calls cheap Grace. We are called in our baptism to be Christ’s disciples. Disciples do disciplines. Try talking to your Lutheran friends about doing disciplines, “Is that works rightousness?” they scream!!! Especially fasting. I tell people that if you are dealing with Lutherans just rip that one out of the book.

  2. “Where is the Gospel in the Church?”

    On the ambo, over there on your left.

    Sorry, I just *had* to make that joke 🙂