January 15, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #146

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Denominational news. Thoughts on evangelism and all of the Gospel. Writing and blogging.

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Your Jesus Is Too Short…..uh..Safe by Jared Wilson

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  1. Michael, thanks for the plug. You humble and bless me, sir.

    One point of correction: It’s gospelDRIVENchurch and it is blogspot, not wordpress.

    But gospeldrivenchurch.com will get folks there just fine.

    Can’t wait to return the favor for your book.

  2. Dan Smith says

    Michael Spencer — a closet Campbellite !!

    I did an aural double-take when you said: We’ll baptize you and call you a Christian.

    I know you don’t believe that baptism is the point at which one becomes a Christian, rather upon “praying the prayer.”

    Thanks for the system-shock.

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