January 22, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #145

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Changes in American students. Father’s Day Remembrances.

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Andrew Peach on the Demise of Fatherhood
Wyman Richardson’s Father’s Day Remembrance.

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  1. sue kephart says

    Not remembering what you had for lunch is called a senior moment.

    I had a friend (a PHD in pyschology)who quit teaching at a Christian College. He said the students became more belligerent over the years. A student complained in an evaluation of the course that the Prof had a very bad attitude and acted superior to the students as if he knew more than they did.
    That was the final straw and he is now in private practice.

  2. as a baptist, as is my wife, may I say my wife loves teaching at the catholic H.S. because of the kids – respectful, if screw up apologize immediately, focused, generally just a delight. Far better behaved then the local “christian” school (which she taught at also).

    The school overall is more fun and more of a family too. I even have grown to appreciate and like the Priest there.

    Still not going to cross the Tiber, but I have to say that school has made me rethink my knee jerk response to the RC.

  3. and what’s the bumper music ?

  4. Greenroom, Spybeats is the closing. Midpoint is a Garagband clip. Opening is Rhodes.

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