September 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #141

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Technology sins. A Ethnically Diverse Evangelical Future.

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CNN’s article on the changing racial face of America.
The Next Evangelicalism by Soong-Chan Rah

Intro music by Daniel Whittington. Exit Music by Randy Stonehill. Bumpers by Clay Spencer.

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  1. Re: the book on technological sins, there are a couple of books out there on similar topics to the ones you mentioned. The first is The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul. Ellul is writing cultural criticism for a largely secular audience rather than theology for a Christian audience, and he tends to essentialism, but his analysis of technology in terms of freedom is thought provoking. The book was published in the 50s and could use some updating, but it seems remarkably prescient given that he wrote it before the advent of the digital computer.

    Ellul also wrote a theological counterpart to The Technological Society, titled The Meaning of the City, where he investigates the idea of technological development as it is used throughout the Bible.

  2. …maybe never before in history have we witnessed a more ‘Perfect Storm” than is now developing within the community we call the Body of Christ..this convergence..i believe..has Gods finger prints all over it..There is a deep unsettling current beneath Christendom that is rapidly wearing down the very foundations of the American church enterprise…we are experiencing a sense of “Quickening” as if time itself were being acclerated…Rapid change is taking place and the battle lines are being drawn between what was and what is to be…The frontiers of this “new world order” in christianity will be borderless in every sense of the word..ethnicly,technologically and economically…the utilization of the world wide web as the new platform for the ministration of the Kingdom of God self evident to anyone with eyes to see……