September 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #140

podcast_logo.gifThis week: A surly podcast about responses to the coming evangelical collapse, and Scot Mcknight’s outstanding analysis of the evangelical Gospel.

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Scot Mcknight’s blog.
Coming Evangelical Collapse.
Museum of Idolatry.

Intro music by Daniel Whittington. Exit Music by Randy Stonehill. Bumpers by Clay Spencer.

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  1. sue kephart says

    Ok. So here goes. After listening to your pod cast and reviewing your list I kept thinking something is missing. Your list is all about what Jesus is doing. Nothing about what His followers are doing. Well maybe because they were waiting for Him to throw out the Romans and reestablish the Davidic Kingdom. Then they would have a place at the table.

    Then He went and had Himself killed so that’s the end of that. Even after they had seen the risen Christ they went back to fishing and hidding out.

    So it took Pentecoast and the coming of the Holy Spirit to start the Church. Jesus had acsended by that time and was no longer with them. He sent the Advocate to be with them and with us always.

    You are probably thinking well, I know all that. Yes, in your head. Just spend some time meditating on it. We aren’t looking for an incarnate Jesus shaped community. We are looking for a Spirit filled community.

    Are we waiting for some savior to throw out whatever it is we don’t like, ie Culture wars? Or are we waiting to have God move in our lives no matter what the circumstances. Community comes when we are one in the Spirit. Jesus promises us we will do more than He did.

    We can’t do this with a simplified Christianity. I am sorry to say to me so much of Evangelicalism is a reflection of the culture. That is why it is POPULAR. Entertaining, easy, like a microwave meal. We need a seven course diner. Go deeper.

    [Mod edit] We must die to ourselves (ego) and live for Christ. Stop singing song that are all about me. Sing song about God. It’s not “I give my heart to Jesus”, isn’t this His lucky day. It’s ‘long before He created me, He saved me for His sake and for the sake fof the world’. Let’s praise Him.

  2. Rather than surly, I’d characterize the podcast as picante.

    It was of your best, in my opinion.

  3. Gary Foster says

    The assumption here is that “evangelicalism” is worth saving, or that we should really care if “evangelicalism” passes from the scene. “Evangelicalism” as a word and movement does not define what “Christianity” “really” is. Evangelical’s like to say they are the true representation of “true christianity” but that is not necessarily the case. It may be that there is no particular expression that is any more true than several other expressions. There are many of us who having been “evangelical” and suffered for it,do not greive for it’s crumbling facade. As a liberal christian, I checked in here after the drudge report mentioned your “post evangelical” posting. I am going to step away now. I honestly don’t see much “post evangelical” about this blog or podcast. I understand your desire to pull this truck out of the mud and your emotional attachment to it. Especially the SBC which I too was once a young SBC Minister/Seminary student in the 70-80’s. I am going to leave you alone now. You must get a lot of stuff from us out here and this is your game, not mine. I won’t comment any more and waste your time. Best wishes to you Mike. I admire your heart and spunk.