September 28, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #139

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Is Discipleship a Program or a Process? Real Man Rhetoric Gets Real Annoying. Riding too far on the Mother’s Day bandwagon.

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A Case for Retro Christianity.
Truth for Life

Intro music by Daniel Whittington. Exit Music by Randy Stonehill. Bumpers by Clay Spencer.

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  1. Thanks for this podcast Michael. Good episode. Your thoughts on discipleship were particularly useful to me as I’m formulating a philosophy of small group ministry as a small group leader.

  2. Great bit on discipleship Imonk; I think what you said needs to be heard more often, especially within the local church. Oftentimes people see discipleship as just force-feeding people theology and biblical stories. Jesus made disciples not from just teaching, but by actually living together day and night with some 12 random guys for 3 years continually. Now that’s discipleship…and quite bizarre!

  3. Love the blog but a first listen to the podcast. Enjoyed it. “Where did the time go” indeed. Only missed 138 …