January 20, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #134

podcast_logo.gifThis week: This and that. Watchbloggers. Evangelical complaints about liturgy.

Monday, April 13th will be my debut as a regular weekly feature on Pirate Christian Radio.

Fr. Cantelemesa’s sermon from Good Friday.

Greg Boyd on the CEC.

iMonk Coffee Mugs.

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Intro music by Daniel Whittington. Exit Music by Randy Stonehill.

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  1. Jenny Bluett says

    LOVE the mugs Michael; shouldn’t you get a cut?!
    A blessed Easter to the Spencer house, peace.


  2. It’s a great big stupid world…..

    Great song – it’s been along time since I listened to Randy

  3. Hmmmm. So now I’m left to ponder, what’s a “MegaBlog” and will it sustain me?

  4. The shot of the mug that they have on that site doesn’t show any of the cartoon except for one goat and maybe a little more.

  5. You can turn it around in the viewer on the left side.

    Click “Center” and use the viewer.

  6. http://www.zenit.org/article-25626?l=english
    Michael gave the link to read Father Cantallamessa’s Good Friday sermon and I second that. It’s wonderful.

  7. OK, I see it now. But I think that monk looks more like Buddha than like you.

  8. I was just thinking of the Liturgical issue this morning. I went with my family to a small ELCA church a mile off the paved road miles from the nearest town. It was a fantastic service, and considering it was Easter this little country church was packed.

    I knew that the liturgy was going to be a have a bit of a learning curve since I was a visitor. I was one of those scrambling around, looking for something in the bulletin or the back table to help the newbies understand when to stand, sit, respond, sing, etc. While I don’t think it’d be a bad thing for a little help for the visitors by way of hymnal insert, I’m sure the Cradle Catholic (or Orthodox) has the same feel going to a suburban megachurch. Besides, you know the liturgical church is going to recite either the Apostles or Nicene Creed Easter morning 🙂

  9. Fr. Cantalamessa’s sermon is really good.. I wish every parish had a priest who’d give a decent homily. Why is it so easy for Protestants and so hard for Catholics to figure out?

  10. I think the thing that most scares me off liturgy is the assumption (on my part) or, sometimes, spoken conviction (on the other’s part) that a given service’s liturgy is the “right” way to worship.

    But then I’ve been guilty of believing a less liturgical service is more “right.”

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