October 26, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #130

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Summary of the “Evangelical Collapse” story; Why all the hostility over the same post 7 years later?; The “Limbaughization” of Evangelicals.

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Note: I had to put the Paypal donation button on the sidebar. It wouldn’t work on the post.


  1. Gird your loins dude, and get ready for the onslaught from the Salt and Light crowd.

  2. The CSMonitor recently suspended their print edition and went online only, but they still have syndication to the AP. I bet they thought you wrote a controversial and thoughtful post, which is exactly what they need to keep their blog-like publication relevant. In any case, Drudge probably picked it up through the AP.

  3. The editors are doing a print edition this week and next. Then that’s it. A shame, isn’t it. I love newspapers. Our hometown paper was a huge part of my education.

  4. “Note: I had to put the Paypal donation button on the sidebar. It wouldn’t work on the post.”

    I read that as “Papal Donation”. Made me chuckle.

  5. What’s the song at the end of the podcast?

  6. Randy Stonehill, Great Big Stupid World

  7. Hey Michael,
    I found this blog via the Drudge report. I was astounded to see that this blog on the collapse of evangelicalism was first posted 7 years ago. My husband and I believe you are probably being very prophetic (hope you believe in the spiritual gifts). Our group of churches (Sovereign Grace) and in particular, our own local church have been teaching for several years now that the Gospel is the main thing that Christians should live their lives by and that knowing the Gospel is the foundation of a true Christian life. Over 35 years as believers we have watched all the different “Christian” movements and seen churches come and go. It is good to have a foundation in the Gospel because it is solid and we can sink our roots deep. Thank you for sounding the trumpet. Keep up the good work!

  8. “Why Do They Hate Us?” was posted 7 years ago. “Coming Evangelical Collapse” was written in January.