October 20, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #129

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Simple Evangelicalism? (Comparing today’s evangelicals to our ancient ancestors) and Are You Looking for What We’ve Lost? (I think you’ll enjoy both these podcast talks.)

Brant Hansen
The Blue Snowball
The Belkin Tune Talk
The Viking Game

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  1. Your point about “commercials for Christian products during worship services” was well said. With the slick fund raising for everything from missions giving to this year’s Valentines banquet, I think many of us are already quite comfortable with a good sales pitch and will hardly notice the difference.

    Our church hosted a community fair last year and had a local entertainment venue set up a booth. The idea of mutual advertising, (we used them to draw folks to the event, they in turn got to advertise at the event) is not too far away from out and out sponsorship.

    With the significant reader-/listenership here at internetmonk.com, your teaching and proclamation of the word reaches more folks every week than many church services. That being said, how do you differentiate your use of sponsors from a church doing the same? I’m personally not opposed to you making a gozillion dollars doing this thing, but surely you’ve had to grapple with it and I’d like to hear your point of view.

  2. Ed:

    Ha! Good point.

    I’ve never particularly understood the “blog as church” analogy. A flaming blogger pulled that out on me when he used to hate on the BHT regularly. Telling me I had a “flock” and was a “pastor.”

    No disrespect to you, but that analogy totally misses me. My writing is my “work,” and there’s no reason I should get paid for it. I give it away for nothing and always will. But there’s no reason I shouldn’t if someone thinks the laborer is worthy.

    But if someone wants access to the audience- and that’s what it is, an audience- via the portal I’ve created, I’m happy to rent that access. I did the work to create the audience, and I do the work to maintain the quality.

    So, to me, this is like an art fair, and I have a booth where I give away my work. If you like my stuff and want to throw in a dollar, cool. If you want to use my booth to access my audience, I’ll rent you a chair.

    I can’t make a church analogy work at all. If someone considers this a “church” outlet, they have terminal Protestantism 🙂

    Now, let’s talk about the building fund for the new sanctuary.



  3. commercials for Christian products during worship services

    I’ve seen this sort of thing at Hillsongs in London, as they meet in a theatre there’s a large space for a screen which is used to occasionally push product (new books/music by Hillsongs and conferences) during parts of the service. In fairness these things have an advertorial feel rather QVC feel 🙂

    On the flip side they also use the screen to play clips celebrating ‘unsung heroes’ – they rely on a vast army of volunteers to put on their services.