January 24, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #127

podcast_logo.gifThis week: Starting some talks about parents, student ministry, etc: This week I talk about evaluating the “acting out” teen and parenting/ministry for identity rather than behavior.

Exit music from Randy Stonehill. The new CD, Paradise Sky.

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  1. Great podcast Imonk! I’ve been working in youth ministry for about a year now and boy is it tough! It’s already hard enough trying to show hormone raging, insecure, desultory, and extremely self conscious teenagers the way to Jesus as it is….but on top of that they have parents who care very little about their spiritual lives, and instead dream of only worldly comfort and success for their kids. Ideally one would want both world success and Jesus shaped spirituality, but as John Piper says, “If want Your Life to Go Well? Stay Away from Jesus!”.

  2. “identity needs to preceed behavior” – imonk

    excellent…that’s you book right there. I’ll order 10 copies.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations. I bought DF Wright’s book “What infant baptism has done to baptism” (and later another book by him) at your recommendation. Read it with pleasure and profit.

    Ive added “priestblock” and “union with God” to my list of books to get.

  4. Wow, excellent podcast. I’m a little behind listening to it, but I’m very glad I did finally get around to it. I would be the poster child for that student pointed out in church/school as the model Christian youth that got maimed in the subsequent minefield of young adulthood. I was/am definitely a conformist, not one to make waves.

    I now have five kids of my own and I struggle with the best way to mold them into the people they should be. Definitely an eye opener into at least a different direction.

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