January 16, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #119

podcast_logo.gifPurposes of a Financial Downturn. Benedict 16th on Luther. “You make people feel bad.” Are the disillusioned standing at the exits with their coats?

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Drew Marshall
Confessing Evangelical on B16. And here. Here’s the Vatican article. The actual text is here.
Charlie Hall

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  1. Ooo baby, no Baptist background for me – not really. Oh, except I married one and did a stint in college as International Coordinator on the BSU student council AS a Roman Catholic. Just for clarity up in the house. 🙂

  2. Weren’t you involved in BSU?

  3. The mental picture that you painted regarding you and eggnog was hilarious. 🙂

  4. The BSU involvement was due to the then Worship Coordinator being my girlfriend (Liz). I was the ecumenically minded Catholic boy who wandered in and found a Baptist wife. But even though I was on the student council, like I said up there, I was still Catholic. It was pretty funny. I’m sure that’s the only case of something like that happening in BSU history, anywhere in America. Crossin’ the boundaries baby!

  5. Probably not. Most BSUs are pretty generic….or worse.

    I can see a Baptist at the Newman Center if he needed to score some beer. 🙂

  6. Hi there. I think Paul McCain and Bror Erickson are LCMC pastors.

  7. Checked out the links on the Pope & Sola Fide. Really, really neat stuff there. I see that sermon as pretty dang significant in Protestant/Catholic relations 🙂

  8. I know some great LCMS pastors, one in particular who studied under Gerhard Forde. Let us know if you need names for a “call” list.

    I think it is optimistic to think that the economic downturn will curb the faith-prosperity crooks. Opportunists don’t give up when the going gets tough; they just change their schtick. In particular, expect the mega-churches to go from bad to worse; They will do and say whatever they think they must to keep enough cash coming in to support their crushing overheads. Seven-day sex challenges may look pretty tame by the time this is over. Expect the faith-prosperity messages to become even more fear-mongering: “do you want to avoid being among the 20% unemployed? Then plant your seed money in my pockets…I mean “ministry”…and do it today!”.

    But I am hopeful that, although the true church will always be the invisible church, a distinction will grow between the confessing church and the apostate church – similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, this exposed the confessing church to persecution, but gave it great opportunities to glorify Christ through their sufferings, witness, and service. I’m sorry to say it, but the only way to prove the “theology of glory” folks wrong is for the rest of us to glory in taking up our crosses and following Christ. That may be the greatest opportunity which may come out of the economic downturn.

  9. Mr. Spencer,

    Sometime reader, 2nd time commenter.
    Love the podcast. I just wanted to let you know that from my purely subjective standpoint, the bumper music and transitions used on this broadcast were EXCELLENT!
    The music added an aesthetic element which comes across as much more polished and approachable.
    This does reveal my bias against the metal and hard-rock you often use. Bumper and transition music help listeners refocus and the musical,ambient choices used in episode 119 achieve that much more organically than the metal and hard rock. Unless of course, you assume your listener base nods-off during the podcast, then maybe the harder stuff is just fine.
    Just my humble, rusty two cents.
    You do good work here and are a great encouragement to me and my wife. We are fellow exiles in the evangelical wilderness and appreciate your discernment and talents greatly!
    Cheers and Blessings!

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