January 16, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #118

podcast_logo.gifA story to encourage post-evangelicals. Neuhaus on the differences between Evangelicals and Catholics.

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Drew Marshall
First Things
SBC Voices podcast with Michael’s interview

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  1. who was that playing in the interlude music around the 18:30 mark? project 86? has iMonk gone hardcore?

  2. …as another “voice in the chorus”—thanks for the reminder and encouragement to be a stronger one. I never regret tuning into the program.

  3. I never really “got it” before. I was drawn to this site by the essays, believe it or not, and then decided to check the posts and conversation. I really never got the whole post evangelical thing, but now I get it I get it. Micheal I am 52 and a bi-vocational pastor. I sneaked in the back door of the SBC. I have been following the Lord for 30 odd years, but I never got into the evangelical world as you did. I fled from a conservative bible college as they thought all others were lost, SBC included. Now I see why I got asked to leave churches over martial arts , the age of the earth, translations,
    and a bunch of other issues. I have sat on ordination counsels, but I am not ordained as I didn’t think my head would fit in the jar.
    I thank God I did not go through what you have Imonk. I could never have that much time put in to the SBC and still hang in there. You are a better man than I. My church is made of former and fallen Catholics. I can’t let SBC speakers in as they want to reach all the “lost RCC” folk. Truth is some of them are lost, but so are some of the baptists too.
    Thanks for really making a lot clear to me on the podcasts, yours and the SBC one. The Lord sheltered me from the storm you are weathering. By the way my wife was Catholic, left the church for her own reasons before I met her, but I have gone to Mass with her at family functions. I hope none of us are saved by the strength of our doctrine or dogma. Try explaining to a bunch of preachers that my wife was saved, yes born again, before she ever heard an altar call. It was something about Christ suffering for her sins that did it. Oh yeah, she heard that at Mass.

  4. sorry for length , got excited. Gonna go pray for you.

  5. Steve in Toronto says

    Wow Michael you are fearless and wise. I do wonder why it is that leadership in the evangelical Church seems to be the exclusive domain of “Alpha” males. Why is it that wise quiet leadership is only found in the mainline? I fear that it is just one more symptom of the dominance of the “Church growth” paradigm.

    God Bless

    Steve in Toronto

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