November 30, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #114

podcast_logo.gifThoughts on blog “identity” syndrome; Three current movies; Some FAQ.

New Reformation Press. Great t-shirts!

Music by Rhodes, Sun Like Blood and Randy Stonehill.


  1. Good podcast, I enjoyed it.

  2. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Assuming “American Carol” doesn’t get banned as Hate Speech (TM) after next January, it sounds like a really over-the-top romp. Especially if it’s done by the Kentucky Fried Movie crew.

    (I remember Kentucky Fried Movie very well; just last month I was clowning around in the grocery store with a cucumber, doing the KFM “Are you familiar with the Penile Code?”/”We Mean No Harm to your planet” shticks from the ending sequence.)

    Around 20 minutes in, you mentioned that “even those who don’t share our beliefs appreciate that our kid’s aren’t in jail”. According to Church For Men’s E-newsletter archives, Islam also makes a similar appeal to “getting results” with its rigid morality and modesty in an age of anything-goes.

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Update on American Carol: One of the fan reviewers at Fandango reported that the Democratic Party succeeded in having the film banned in San Mateo County (just south of San Francisco) through heavy pressure on theater owners.

  4. Michael,

    The movie from Sherwood Baptist is “Fireproof” not “Firewall”. “Firewall” was a Harrison Ford movie about a bank security officer whose family was held hostage to make him break through the defenses he set up and transfer money to an offshore account for the kidnappers.

    My wife and I went to see “Fireproof” on opening night, and enjoyed it. Having been through a lot of what is portrayed in the film ourselves, we can affirm the importance of the movie’s message of never giving up, no matter how far gone you think things are. A timely message for our throw-away society.