January 15, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #110

podcast_logo.gifChurch Quitting in Evangelicalism.

Sunday Morning, Staying Home.

Why I Walked Out of Church. Outstanding and on target. Julie Neidlinger is iMonk 2.0. You can post here whenever you want, Julie. My audience is yours. Seriously. Drop me an email because I would love to do a brief blog interview.

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Music by Rhodes, Sun Like Blood and Randy Stonehill.


  1. Julie certainly offers a lot of “food for thought.”

  2. This may be my favorite podcast from you, Michael.

  3. Michael,

    With regard to your mention of pastors ‘shepherding the flock’, I’ve been wondering lately whether having full-time pastors isn’t detrimental to the community aspect of the church. That is, perhaps the presence of a person designated to spend all their time preparing to preach and attending to the church’s ‘pastoral’ needs contributes to discouraging the rest of the church to pitch in as a community, thus encouraging passivity.

    I’ve wondered what it would be like if the role of ‘full-time pastor’ was removed – would this be likely to result in a more balanced and active church membership?

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this matter, if you’re willing to blog or podcast about it at some point.

  4. I believe the concept of the bi-vocational pastor is one of the most overlooked and underused resources to help the church correct the excesses of evangelicalism. I wouldn’t deny any church the right to call full time staff, but I think many churches would prosper under bi-vocational leadership.

  5. …first program I have listened to, and it won’t be the last!

    Excellent dissertation on the whole “country first” theme—I felt the same way and had the same exact thoughts about where our first allegiance belongs while watching the RNC myself. Like you, I am more in line with the Republicans ideologically myself—they do better represent more of my values. But the Dems do have a thing or two to say that needs to be heard obviously—less the spin and agendas behind much of what they say that resonates with the working class—and the broke (myself!).

    btw… great takes on what church growth should be and welcoming and celebrating our brothers who aren’t our identical twin. Your blog is full of helpful posts! Thanks for all of your efforts.

  6. Hi iMonk just discovered the site, and trawling through all the archives and find it interesting in what you are doing. I have exited the door, never to return.

    I am typical of the used and disposed category of volunteer youth leaders (doing short term ministry, sunday school, leading bible study etc etc) whose shelf life has past its use by date and was pretty much discarded by the church (in Australia). As i no longer fitted into the boxes.

    It has been tough re-booting my life’s software, but it is much better too be on the outside and spend 1000 days in the world than to spend 1 day in the church.
    Sorry seems harsh but true.


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