August 5, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #109

podcast_logo.gifDepression and Spiritual Depression.

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Music by Rhodes, Sun Like Blood and Randy Stonehill.


  1. Well done. Making people happy and entertained will not equip them to deal with hardships or life in general. This is especially true for youth, which seem to be the primary target for “fun and fellowship” but who are dealing with horrible stress. They need more that opiate. I bet a lot of us feel like there’s something wrong with us when we feel angry and/or depressed. There are many preachers out there who use Ephesians 4:26 to teach that anger is sin. If anger is at the heart of depression, and Christians can’t admit to feeling angry…

    Thanks for the info. on the iMonk Amazon wish list. What a cool support idea!

  2. So – what I connect to the most about this is the brutal honesty that mandates I answer the question of what I’m angry at, who I’m angry at, why I’m angry and what I plan to do with it – an uncomfortable position if you just want to be pissed off for a while.

    Thank you Michael for bringing the full-weight of yourself here – to let me and others on your p-cast know what it means to feel human, to not embark on the self loathing train of the evangelical wilderness. I wonder, how many lives have been set in the direction of despair because nobody gave a damn enough to tell them there are reasons for their depression, hurts that mark, memories that are not so hard to forget – all in the name of having a “overfilling joy of the sprit” to put on Sunday morning.

    I am breathing, for the first time in many years.