September 21, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #103

podcast_logo.gifBack to work, I hate voice mail, Conventional Wisdom Addicts, Element’s vision; Dispatches from the Evangelical Wilderness Part 2: Three Critiques of Evangelicalism.

Intro music by Rhodes. Closing music by Randy Stonehill.

Element Community’s Bold As Love Vision.

Pirate Christian Radio. And our sponsor, New Reformation Press.


  1. Michael,

    Your podcast cuts off just as you are introducing Eugene Peterson’s critique….

    I’m denied at the rim..

  2. I just played it all from the website. Maybe you had a bad download.

  3. As a resource talking about work and Sabbath rest, i’ve found this book to be very useful:

    He is very much in the vein of NT Wright’s Surprised by Hope