January 22, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #100

podcast_logo.gifSome special 100th episode nonsense; what does “Jesus Shaped” mean?; David Fitch comments on David Wells.

The David Fitch Post at Reclaiming the Mission.

Intro music by Rhodes.

You all need to buy “The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church” and more Reformation theology gifts from New Reformation Press.


  1. aaron arledge says

    yahoooooo 100

  2. Hey, check out the link to our upcoming missions conference promo video. http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=80295927e4e41c134e62

  3. Congratulations on this special occasion. Here’s to many more!

  4. You know, after 100 episodes of “Seinfeld” each of those guys were making like $100,000 per episode. Is that anything like what you’re pulling down?

    Of course I’m just messing with you. Hey, thanks for the chance to write the book review. My latest post on The Master’s Table is a response to Richard Dawkins interpretation of “Love thy Neighbor.” It may be better than the book review.

    BTW, I have Internet Monk Radio #1 on my i-Pod. Fun, fun, good times.

  5. “High above the Evangelical Circus!”

    It is a circus.

    Lately, a two women were going to a Roman Church for Mass. One weighed 400 pounds and was wheel chair bound. The other, a very small woman, offered to push the larger woman across the busy street and up the ramp to Mass. A wonderful sentiment, however, the smaller woman underestimated her abilities.

    When they got across the street, they could not navigate the curb. The smaller woman pushed and wrangled. Ultimately, she dumped the larger woman out of the chair onto the curb. She could not raise her, nor could she budge her. Passersby simple gawked and moved along wondering at the sight.

    Finally, the Priest, hearing of the incident, flew to the aid of the ladies, only to discover his own strength was insufficient to the task. After rolling the woman out of the street, upon the the curb and into the grass, someone passing by called 911.

    In the meantime, they discovered the larger woman had broken her leg and the bone was protruding through the flesh. They attempted to stop the bleeding, and, in that process, the larger woman, fully distressed, went into cardiac arrest.

    Thankfully, the Priest was there to administer the Last Rights. The EMS personnel arrived, collected the poor woman who had fallen and the now hysterical woman who had attempted to help her. The Priest headed to Mass and later the larger woman died and the smaller woman had a stroke.

    That story is true and certainly in no way funny.

    However, it is a perfect metaphor for the Circus of the Post-Evangelical madness.

    The blind have been leading the blind; the lame guiding the lame and the confused guiding those with dementia.

    In the meantime, we priests have been trying to do our level best to help, but the cacophony of spiritually tipped, curbside incidents have all been wearing fancy ties, sitting on faux French furniture and imagining their Circus is somehow doing people good.

    The curb of Evangelicalism is not the hospital and the so-called Doctors of Theology are utterly deceived in their own madness.

    Truly a Jesus Shaped theology is needed to stop the madness of what has become a theological meat grinder and dispenser of confusion, disillusionment and despair as well-meaning seekers find themselves on curbs, aided by stroke victims and paying precious little attention to the Priests.

    Although all metaphors break down (some sooner than others) I thought the analogy was apt and hope it pictures exactly the scene of theological mayhem existing in the world.

    One man said, “We used to burn heretics at the stake…now we tie them to radio microphones and ask them to sing us a song on TV.”

    While I don’t advocate any burnings of any kind, I do advocate this:

    Theological discernment that will find a theology that is Jesus Shaped and change the scene going on outside the true Church where Mass is no strange thing and the servants of the Church attempt to help solve situations they did not create.

    God Bless Your Ministry,

    Pastor Wade E. Butler

  6. I guess I am confused beyond anything less than a revelation.
    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the head and all that is needed for communion with God.
    However, we are always struggling to find the right “authority”.
    Why do we need all of the buildings and the institutions of it all? Is God not enough? Must we, like children, always be lead by those that are somehow qualified to lead.
    I’m totally tired of leaders, churches (not the universal) and the whole circus. Funny, I was actually thinking circus about not just evangelicals but all of the clown car we call Christianity. Including the RCC.

  7. We started Vacation Bible School last night. One of the songs we’ll learn this week is Wiki Wiki, which in Hawaiian means quickly quickly. It’s about the A B C’s of becoming a Christian. A is for Admit you’re a sinner, and we point to our watch hand and say quickly quickly. My wife said the first time she heard it, her Spencer-meter was going off. There was a fat bald man in her head screaming “OH MY GOD!”

    If you need more circus than that, click over to my site where you can see me wearing a grass skirt doing the hula. (That would be good sarcasm, if only it wasn’t true.)

  8. Good stuff, thank you for sharing this with us.


  9. love that intro music. 😉

  10. Thank God for this episode. I was feeling headachey and irritable and didn’t know what to do about it. Now I know, and it only costs 25 cents.

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