June 5, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #11

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #11. Our Podcast Question of the Day. Review of a Baptist Press post.


  1. The necklace bothers me as a man. And I’m not TR.

    What can Mark Driscoll do to get the TR to likee him?

    Simple. Publically denounce the Internet Monk 🙂

  2. How to get Mark Driscoll back on the TR reservation? Oh, I dunno. Stop evangelizing the lost, start baptising infants, require church members (all 26 of them) to swear fealty on a copy of TULIP, and start wearing vestments? Might work. Might not.

    Frankly, who gives a rat’s rear? IMHO, that’s like trying to get a positive endorsement from al-Jazeera. Who really wants that? 🙂

    Interesting commentary about being hip and relevant. I think I agree with you. Sometimes, resisting that movement in today’s world/church is a lot like expectorating upwind, but one must stand on whatever ground one holds…

  3. Great podcast! Your commentaries are every bit as good as your writing. You really need to be on Christian radio, perhaps in the mold of Steve Brown’s 15 minute shows?

    I’ve been reading your postings for a year or so and give you credit for opening my eyes to many things. I’ve learned the sad truth that there just ain’t much joy in being a TR.

    As many others have writeen, I also encourage you to move forward with your book. Your recent postings about post evangelicalism interest me the most. As they say, you deserve a much wider audience.

    Many thanks for your internet ministry. I pray God will continue to bless you with more readers and listeners through other mediums.

    Jfred in Goochland, Virginia