January 22, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 15

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 15. Finding God Beyond Harvard. Persecution. Church For Men. NOW AVAILABLE as an Itunes Subscription Podcast.


  1. Brian Pendell says

    I have a question:

    Beth Moore is the biggest Bible teacher in the SBC?

    Riddle me this: Given that the denomination refuses to ordain women as pastors due to Paul’s prohibition against women teaching men (1 Timothy 2: 12) — why, then, do they permit her to “teach” these men?


    Brian P.

  2. Why isn’t this one in iTunes yet?

    Concerned fans demand to know…

  3. Michael,

    I wanted to point out Paul Coughlin’s “No More Christian Nice Guy”. I haven’t gotten around to read it, but it seems to be in the same page at “Church for Men”

    There was a really great discussion on Issues Etc on this topic a few months ago.


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