December 2, 2020

In Music, 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago yesterday, a door to the future was opened.

The Beatles’ song, “Love Me Do,” which became their first #1 single, was released.

It ain’t church music, but no western popular music has been the same since the Beatles.



  1. Hare Krishna and Hallelujah!

  2. Was this in England or America? I thought their first USA number 1 was “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in February, 1964.

    It IS true–nothing has been the same since the Beatles.

  3. Are you SURE it’s not an evangelical “worship” (TM) song?
    I love you, Jesus.
    I’ll always be true.
    Please, please, love me in return!

    It could be any number of gospel-law theology of glory ditties being sung in churches these days.

  4. “Paperback Writer” was on the radio on the way home tonight. They were simply phenomenal.

  5. Imagine (no pun intended) a type of worship where you had great music, but not just praise music. Great songs about romantic love, love lost, heart break of loosing a job, the tremendous feeling you get when watching the sunset over the Grand Canyon, the tears that flow when you hold your newborn for the first time, the grief of saying goodbye to your dad for the last time . . . you know, the stuff of life.

    • Well, we do have music like that, but it isn’t — and doesn’t need to be — part of in-church “worship.” It’s just part of life, which Brother Lawrence would say was all worship anyway.