October 26, 2020

iMonk at Christian Science Monitor + Podcast Icon

A 1500 word version of “The Coming Evangelical Collapse” is now up at the online version of the Christian Science Monitor and will be in the print edition later this week.

Thanks to the good folks at CSM for this opportunity.

Also, there is now an icon on the sidebar for a direct subscription to the podcast via iTunes. Thanks to Lurker Shane for the help.


  1. I’m impressed that it only took about 30 minutes from when Drudge posted a link till someone made a NAZI connection.

    That’s pretty slow in internet time.

  2. Christianity is a blip in human time. Why can’t people just recognize the fundamental positive values that various societies have worked out over thousands of years, many of which Jesus adopted and adapted? As an atheist I have no problem at all with Jesus, but deifying him seems to me a form of idolatry. As long as Jesus-worship is proselytized I can promise you there will be a “culture war” resistance. Just keep your cult to yourselves please.

  3. Wow. Between the Nazis, the I-Know-Better-Than-You Atheists and the Catholic Bashers, this is the most fun I’ve had reading IM comments in a while. Congrats on getting on Drudge and CSM, Michael! Here’s to hoping the signal-to-noise ratio will recover in a short while…

  4. I think you’re on the right track here. What with the latest study featured in USA Today that showed Christianity on the decline and the Barna report featured in unchristian that reveals a highly negative view of Christianity and evangelicals in particular.

    For too long we have found our identity in partisan politics, opposing things like homosexuality, and in a particular interpretation of the Bible. Our unity is found in Christ, a concept we can all agree on, but have a terrible time applying.

  5. Mark Nikirk says

    I think this thread, and the others regarding the ‘collapse’ are fantastic. You can see, in real time, the cathartic frustration and fear pouring into the comments. People are upset and this is a very good thing.

    If iMonk can stir up some real live reflection on where we are headed as a movement (speaking as an Evangelical), perhaps there is soem time to save the best of what’s left over.

    It looks like we’re in the first stages of a complete deconstruction. Hopefully, voices like imonk’s will help us extract the ‘good’ and reconstruct a a healthier more prophetic evangelicaism in the future.

  6. In your recent article, you stated that “we must change the conversation from the maintenance of traditional churches to developing new and culturally appropriate ones.”

    Shouldn’t the church affect the culture of the day, instead of us trying to develop churches that fit the culture?

    I REALLY enjoyed your article.

  7. “The only thing could make the collapse of evangelical Christianity a bad outcome would be the corresponding ascendency of the Roman Catholic Church. If ever there was a truly evil empire it’s that.”

    *leans back in big leather swivel chair*

    *strokes white cat on lap*

    *smiles pityingly*

    Mr. Franz, it is far too late for that warning. Nothing can prevent the Plan from being implemented. It is too far advanced. Events are eventuating as set in motion by the Templars, the Borgia Popes, the First and Second Vatican Councils, and the real Third Secret of Fatima.

    I suggest you submit to your ultimate fate gracefully, and – who knows? – perhaps you may find a comfortable niche under the benign control of your New Reptiloid Overlords.

    Or at least escape the livestock pens for a little while longer.

  8. Michael,

    Thanks for writing this. Great article.

    Your fellow brother in Christ (and in Kentucky too)


  9. Mark Nikirk says

    “*strokes white cat on lap*”

    Mr Biggles?

  10. AT Chaffee says

    But Martha, what about the Jesuits?
    Reptiloid overlords? At least I know now what the dragon in Revelation really symbolizes.

  11. AT Chaffee says

    Oh yeah, congrats IM for the spotlight!

  12. Mark Nikirk, ever seen Baron von Greenback in the Dangermouse cartoons?

    Imagine the Baron as human, Irish, and female, and now we’re talking. Though I’m not quite at his level of urbane sophistication, and I’m sorely lacking in minions. However, thanks to being initiated at birth into the Evilest of All Empires (a.k.a. Catholic baptism), I hope to hold a high position in the New World Order and then have my pick of minions. Be nice to me, and you could aspire to be my fan-bearer 😉

    AT Chaffee – the Jesuits? Who do you think are the go-betweens between the Reptiloids and the puny humans? 🙂

  13. Gay Believer says

    Another thing that I think needs to be considered is the current, highly-contentious, internal structure of Christianity as a whole. Various denominations devote HUGE amounts of time and effort to converting Christians from one denomination to another.

    I can see how this would play into the numbers in this study. If a Methodist switches and becomes a Baptist then the net increase in the number of Christians is ZERO. So when the numbers are analyzed it’s easy to see how Christianity could stagnate if it becomes so internally focused.

    Unfortunately Christian denominations can be like individual Apostles having an argument and needing Jesus to tell them to calm down and be nice to each other. Certainly if the goal is to spread Christ’s message then why are Christian denominations so obsessed with becoming exclusive clubs and undercutting their rivals?

    In an age of reason sensible people see through all this pettiness and it fills them with a sense of derision. Many denominations claim to possess spiritual truths but are obsessed with worldly politics, money and growth, almost as if they were corporations or political parties rather than churches.

    That, in the midst of a global economic crisis that threatens countless people and families with severe hardship churches are pouring money and effort into things like banning same-sex marriage conveys the sense that Christianity doesn’t give a damn about people, just ideology.

    In those circumstances, is it really surprising that secularism seems friendlier to people than Christianity? And why has this been allowed to happen? It almost seems as if a smaller, “purer” Christianity is the intended goal, and not just an accidental outcome.

  14. Gay Believer is dead on the money with his post right above mine.

    God love you, Martha, you crack me up sometimes. I swear you need your own blog.

    Having said that: /Rant On: I get so sick and tired of ignorant people bagging on the Catholic Church. I went to Catholic School in New Jersey until 10th grade. Until I was 12, my family didn’t go to church. Until I was 12, the Catholic Church was my ONLY consistent exposure to Christianity. From the Catholic Church I learned that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God, my Lord. That God the Father loved me so much that He sent His only Son to die in my place for my sins, and even if I’d been the only person on earth, He would have still done it. That’s how much He loved me. That sounds pretty dag-gone Christian to me.

    When the schools in the city I lived in were unsafe, the Catholic Church educated me. When my family didn’t have enough food to eat, the Catholic Church fed us. When my little brother died and my family didn’t have money for a funeral – the Catholic Church paid for it – even though we are not Catholic. That seems like pretty Christ-like behavior to me.

    It was when I was 12 and my mother started dragging me to that Church of God that I got this idea of God as mean old man who was just waiting for the second I was screwing up for the Rapture to happen, so He could leave me here. All of a sudden, the nuns who had educated me, kept me safe, and loved me my whole life were *bad* and *not Christian.* How is that right? How is it Christ-like?

  15. iMonk,

    For whatever it’s worth, I just heard Glenn Beck discussing the article on his show. I didn’t catch the whole thing, just his intro. I have a feeling his spin on it is… interesting, though. He said “I’ve got something from the Christian Science Monitor” and then started talking about religion and the alleged leftist adgenda to kick it out of America. I was thinking “I bet the article he’s gonna talk about is iMonk’s.” And sure enough, it was. I was in the car long enough to hear the title of the article and confirm my expectation, but that’s it.

  16. AT Chaffee says

    Martha, I thought you were kidding but apparently someone claims George W. Bush and Princess Diana are/were really shape-shifting lizards.


  17. Walter poe says

    I really like your article…I have been doing a lot of research on this topic. I am a member of a Lay community(Lay Cistercians of Gethsemani Abbey) and we are seeing a huge increase into memebership so I have been tasked to do research on this issue.

    PLaces like Simple life and other communities are starting to emerge. A lot of small groups are starting to meet at home which resemble back to Scripture of the Early Church in Acts. This is how the church begain in the home. I am convinced that more communities will emerge as more people are called to this way of life…

    Unfortunatly because we had such an Aweful President for 8 years a lot of people are seeing these communities emerge for support reasons…I am glad the Christian Evangelical movement is being torn apart. They have been too judgmental and increasingly corrupt in the Gospels…I think the Christian Evangelical is a pre-curser to the Anti-Christ in the near future….

    Wonderful Article…..Thanks…

  18. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    AT Chaffee – the Jesuits? Who do you think are the go-betweens between the Reptiloids and the puny humans? — Martha

    The Hollow-Earth Reptoids’ Organic Robotoid Duplicates, of course.

    Martha, I thought you were kidding but apparently someone claims George W. Bush and Princess Diana are/were really shape-shifting lizards. — AT Chaffee

    Ah, yes, David Icke. Since Francis E Dec Esq‘s demise, THE absolutely WEIRDEST conspiracy theorist on the scene. You DO know he also claims you can see through the Reptoids’ human disguises by using massive doses of LSD?