September 23, 2020

iMonk 101: “Read It Again…and Don’t Skip The Hard Parts”

stacrux.jpgiMonk 101 revisits some of my more popular essays from the past.”

“Read It Again…and Don’t Skip the Hard Parts” is an essay about discipleship in the Gospel of Mark, and how difficult it is for some American Christians to get what the Bible is talking about.

It’s a good Thanksgiving season essay that will hopefully prompt your reading of Mark and your consideration of the relationship of the cross and discipleship. Misreading the ministry of Jesus as one of miracles rather than one of servanthood by a redemptive death is a critical error that has deeply impacted the kind of Christianity we see around us. As a post-evangelical, I believe the way forward is the way back- back to the sources of our conceptions of Christianity.

READ: “Read It Again…and Don’t Skip the Hard Parts.”


  1. iMonk,

    Great article. I’ve been reading NT Wright’s ‘The Challenge of Jesus’, and I can see quite a few similarities between your thoughts here and his conclusions about Jesus’ vocation.

    Wright proposes that the miracles that Jesus performed were a sign or proclamation that the Kingdom had come, and that it was available to all…rather than an example of how the future ‘church’ was supposed to perform its ministry on earth.

    The more I study and learn about the bible, its history, and Jesus, the more I feel defrauded by the church tradition I gre up in. The strange thing is, instead of being bitter or angry about the misapplied teachings of my church, I can hear myself say ‘AhHa! Thats why that never sat right with me before.’

    Keep them coming….