January 15, 2021

iMonk 101: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology: Thoughts On Always Saying More Than The Other Guy

I have been thinking about this post from January of this year as I’ve read some of the current theological controversies going around the blogosphere and evangelicalism: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology.

It seems we always have the pace set by those brothers who are going to make the bar higher, the rhetoric more exalted, the volume up to 11.

Ignore the fact that I quote Tim Challies in here. That’s not germane. (I was about to interview him in a few days.) Instead, think of the examples you’ve heard where the truth always seemed to be whatever was higher, more fanatical, more exalted, more exaggerated, more superior, more…..just more…MORE!…than the other guy.

Read: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology: Thoughts on Always Saying More Than The Other Guy.


  1. As you imply to me without saying directly, such behavior/attitudes remind me of 3 year-olds arguing.

  2. I wish I had been around for the original discussion. It seems that the one-up-man-ship that we see is as a result of the fact that any theological position when taken to its extreme, seems to garner more attention.

  3. The people who get involved in those one-upmanship arguments also seem to the people who believe in the Gospel ABOUT Jesus rather than the Gospel OF Jesus. That is, they know a lot about Him but does not necessarily mean they are becoming more like Him. There are many, many more people in this country who are involved with the Gospel ABOUT Jesus … because we think they are both the same thing. But I have to wonder sometimes … are they?

  4. That’s so true. I love theology and philosophy, but I tend to stay away from getting into discussion with most people about it because it just turns into a one-up contest and it doesn’t edify or build up. Really, it completely goes against theology which is there to glorify God.

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