September 21, 2020

iMonk 101: Jesus, Tongue Piercing and The Culture War

tongue.jpgAbout a year ago I wrote this piece on one-culture warrior’s evaluation of the phenomenon of tongue piercing. You will find a link to another IM piece on a similar subject as well.

Posts about tattoos, piercings, fashion in general and other stereotypical attempts to portray the missional church as a collection of immature punk kids who have nothing more to offer than bad clothes, the latest trends and no soap are as common as ever. They keep the usual suspects in applause mode, and that’s always a good thing. Certainly better than discussing something divisive like dispensationalism.

You can make up your mind on these controversial subjects. That’s how it works. Here’s some of my thoughts. (BTW, this essay made one of my co-workers so mad, he stopped speaking to me, so it must be a good one.)

READ: Jesus, Tongue-Piercing and the Culture War.


  1. You may remember that before I taught at a certain conference last year, I was asked to remove my piercings (eyebrow, ear). My eyebrow then closed up and I had to have it re-pierced.

    You may also remember that I told you that I got a chance to share the Gospel with my piercer when I was having it redone. She grew up in the church but had abandoned it for various reasons.

    Well, she showed up for church Sunday for the first time, carrying a Bible, telling me she had “turned her life back over to Jesus.”

    Your post made me think of her.