January 23, 2021

iMonk 101: How Religious Parents Royally Screw Up Their Children

churchfamily.jpgiMonk 101 is a selection of essays from the past five years of IM.

From the Internet Monk archives, here’s one of the most popular pieces I’ve ever written: How Religious Parents Royally Screw Up Their Children.

This is one of the few iMonk 101 pieces that I wouldn’t change at all. I still feel as strong about these things as ever. If you are about to be a parent, read and take heed. Raising the perfect Christian child isn’t possible. Consider, instead, an approach that values “normal” more than being the most religious second grader in town.

We all want to influence our kids. Let’s also try not to mess them up.


  1. Michael,
    Are you familiar with the documentary “Jesus Camp”?

    Knowing nothing about this, I did a search and came across this commentary:

    Is it fair? If so, this whole project seems very dangerous for the attendees.


  2. I haven’t seen the documentary.

  3. Here’s a column that supports your original post:

    Could today’s college kids harm our country?


  4. I’m wondering whether you’re referring to Mr. Limbaugh or the band. Listening to either Rush for very long would be punishment in my book.

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