July 13, 2020

iMonk 101: Bill Mackinnon’s “I’m Not Spiritual”

preacher.gifI’m not feeling particularly spiritual these days. Of course, even that sentence is a symptom of how much revivalistic ways of thinking are still running around in my brain. The Gospel is good news for the unspiritual, am that is good news indeed as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, the BHT’s Bill Mackinnon penned this IM classic essay several years ago: I‘m Not Spiritual. As we say around here, this dawg will hunt. It’s a goodun.

Read: I’m Not Spiritual by Bill Mackinnon.


  1. Nice article. Thanks for the WayBack link, Sherman.

    One minor question, though. (And maybe this can just be chalked up to a difference in Kentucky and Georgia.) Isn’t it “good’n” or simply “goodn”? I don’t think I’ve ever heard any kind of vowel pronounced between the “d” and the “n”. 😉

    {silly off}

  2. good article on not being spiritual. i concur in many, many ways!

  3. Bill/Monk,

    I can really relate to both sides of what you are addressing. I am a recovering Latter Reign movement guy. John Bevere, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, ect were my spiritual role models. ‘Being’ spiritual is a state that takes ever more increasing (or different) ‘doses’ to stay ‘on top of the mountain’. Coming out of all that is a hard process that really does feel, at times, like you are losing your faith.

    It has been a hard journey (and I’m still traveling it), but well worth the outcome. I don’t need all the trappings to know that God is there.

    Some people consider me no longer spiritual. THey look at how I worship and live and say, ‘Where is the power?” or “Where is the victory of God”. I guess the power now lies in the Gospel, rather than any other thing that I might try to make outshine it. I’m not saying thats what I do, but its where I’m trying to go.

    Anyway, thanks for digging up the link. Truth is like a twinkie…no matter how old it is, it doesn’t get stale…and you can tell Joel that that tops any philosophical argument about truth since Plato.

  4. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking Mackinnon probably is quite spiritual, if being spiritual means being faithful to Jesus Christ as best one can (doubts, and tirades always allowed) and being made alive by the Spirit of God (no feelings necessary). Really, isn’t being spiritual just being spiritually alive? As Mackinnon points out, maturity is also involved, but maturity is always a relative term.

    If being spiritual means being emotional or pumped up or wearing the right trappings, then we should all be a bit nervous. Who is always pumped up? And what do you do if your witness wear is in the dirty laundry? If being spiritual is praying regularly or showing public piety, then many non-Christians are more spiritual than many Christians.

    Maybe the most “spiritual” people are the ones who keep following Jesus after years even though they’ve never had what’s been referred to as “a mountaintop experience,” or even though they’ve never “felt God.” Blessed is he or she who believes without a sign.