January 15, 2021

iMonk 101: A Parable for our Church-Growth, Seeker-Sensitive Friends

clown1.jpgiMonk 101 reruns posts from the IM archives.

This is the first “parable” post I ever did at IM. (I actually wrote it back when I was on michaelspencer.us.) “A Parable for Our Church-Growth, Seeker-Sensitive Friends.”

This kind of story illustrates what happens to us when “boredom” becomes the big problem, and we take the pragmatic road to solve the problem.

Perhaps, combined with some of my other recent posts, this parable can provoke some discussion among evangelicals who are interested in taking a second look at the methods that so many are taking for granted.

Use this at your next staff meeting. Blame me if you need to.

Read: A Parable for Our Church-Growth, Seeker-Sensitive Friends.


  1. michael

    something that struck me for the first time when reading this post is this:

    do you remember when the latest big thing was “seeker-sensitive” and then more recently “church growth”? obviously you do, because you wrote the post. but it got me thinking, what separates the “emerging church” from the “seeker sensitive movement” or the current “church growth movement” or the “prosperity gospel movement”, etc?

    certainly some movements are better than others. certainly some movements are bad. and some are good. but how are we to discern? it is often difficult to discern when one doesnt have temporal perspective. so i guess, since none of us is God, we must rely on history and not temporallessness.

    so, what in history recommends or discourages the “emerging church”?

    i cant really think of much, but there might be some things that we should remain wary of. your the expert though, what do you think?


  2. I think an examination of the best emerging church voices will see that 1) they do not accept church growth methodology and have little concern for “big churches 2) while they do express a subculture of twenty-somethings it is a mistake to assume they approve of the seeker model. They would see it as too modernistic. There’s a lot of nuance there. Many emerging are doing things that are extremely UNseeker friendly.

  3. Why Education Must Change Or Die.
    Please don’t let Spong read this. It might give him ideas.

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