December 1, 2020

I’m worse than Bill Maher

You know what? Reading this really makes me angry. I read this, and I’d like to be one of those offended Christians. Call Dobson. Call Roy Moore. Tell the guy off for insulting Christians. All that yap.

But you know what? I’m worse than Bill Maher. Lots worse. I stand in the shadow of the cross and spit on all that it means….all the while saying I believe it, and that it’s what my life is all about.

I know Jesus and still live no differently than this guy lives most of the time. My heart has the same cynicism and cruel indifference towards God. I know what the Gospel means, and most of the time I act like I don’t care. Some of the time, I don’t feel like I do care. My heart, mind and emotions ought to be saturated, filled, overflowing and satisfied with Jesus. But I still drink from the cisterns of the world, as if there were no fountain flowing freely from the throne. I look at the cross, and am moved no more than Bill Maher.

God became man for Bill Maher. God died for Bill Maher. All that stuff in The Passion that made me want to puke? For Bill Maher. And even more outrageous….for me. Far more outrageous that it’s for scum like me.

Take a glimpse at what we would be be were it not for the grace of our creator, and remember his bloody sacrifice for this man, for you and for a world much worse. Take a moment and worship such a God.


  1. Sorry, buddy. Their ain’t no God. And, even if there was a God people still should not believe because there is no evidence and religion has proved to be very bad for humans.