January 21, 2021

IM on Steve Brown, Etc.

Jeff Dunn and Chaplain Mike are looking forward to sharing remembrances and appreciations of Michael Spencer on Steve Brown’s radio show this Friday.

Here is the announcement from the Steve Brown, Etc. site:

Friday, April 30 : Chaplain Mike & Jeff Dunn – InternetMonk.com – The life, work and legacy of Michael Spencer.

Steve Brown Etc. is recorded on Fridays from noon – 1 ET, then aired on stations across the country that weekend. Listen live and call in at 1.888.54.STEVE (1.888.547.8383).


  1. Looking forward to it. SBE was where I first heard Michale Spencer, was hooked ever since.

  2. Is this streamed over the net anywhere ?

    – Australia is a long way from the US 🙂

  3. The first time I ever heard of Michael was on SBE.
    Good luck to you guys. Be careful, if you ever write a book, Steve will want a cut as payment for making you famous. 🙂

  4. This is cool. Steve is such a great guy. No one, and I mean no one, treated me with more grace in public ways when some disagreed with me in unhealthy ways than Steve Brown. He is one for the ages. Have fun guys. I get to be on SBE again just two weeks after you do.

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