January 17, 2021


Ignatius from travis hawkins on Vimeo.

Just get a cold drink, sit back and watch all ten minutes. And if it seems totally straight to you, then you need to change churches.


  1. The scary thing is that some of the worship leaders in my church look exactly like Ignatius.

  2. Christopher Lake says

    This video is both hilarious and heartbreaking. For many churches, I’m sure that it is all too close to the truth.

    However, there *are* evangelical churches in which the youth ministry is challenging, meaty, and *truly* relevant (in the sense that the Bible is always relevant). For example, the youth ministry at my church is led by a younger guy (mid-20s), and much of it consists of parents and their kids going through the Heidelberg Catechism– together, in the same classroom!

  3. i think he spoke at our youth camp last year.

  4. Very, very, very funny.

    P.S. Why do evangelicals put the word “just” in every sentence of every prayer? “Lord Jesus, we just….” If someone could explain this I’d be much obliged.

  5. steven martin says

    Let’s feed all christians to lions-let’s make christianity a crime worldwide.

    these scoundrels are monkey butts along with muslims and every other religion.

    USA will lead the way in demolishing the jesus freeks

  6. I have read several of the articles on this web site, but I did not feel motivated enough to respond.

    This makes my blood boil. Maybe I misunderstood the point that the video is trying to make, but having been raised in a conservative church environment by conservative parents who have been involved in the ministry for many years, I am very sensitive to anything that would be a reproach to my God.

    I have seen more hyped worship and insulting excuses for reaching young people that this type of thing would not surprise me.

    All I can say that this is revolting, and beyond that I am stuttering myself into mental speechlessness.

  7. JT…

    I don’t know if you’ll ever see this response to your comment, but I hope you will.

    This video was not made to celebrate the “Ignatiuses” of the world. Quite the contrary! I, too, feel the high calling placed upon our lives as bearers of God’s Word. And I am similarly appalled at the number of manipulative, self-glorifying charlatans out there. Worst of all, because of my sinful nature, I feel keenly those same desires of self-glorification in myself.

    I am so grateful that we serve a God who is greater than our sin. This video was made as a satire of those who would use their position for self-glorification, and as a light-hearted cautionary tale for all of us. I’m sorry if that message didn’t come through clearly. I hope that all of us who are in ministry are constantly checking our motives…and checking our egos at the door.

    Travis Hawkins
    writer/director, “Ignatius”

    PS: Props to the Internet Monk for posting the video, and apologies to Ignatius of Loyola, on which our character was in no way based.

  8. wow… That was… wow.
    I’ve told my kids (teenagers now) what my youth group was like, but this came eerily close to what I experienced in youth group and youth conventions.
    I am very thankful that we have moved past the permed mullet look for youth pastors.. even if it meant a move to the over product straightened highlight look. LOL

    BTW did anyone catch the word LAME when Ignatius stood in front of the “F” of flame?? I died laughing at that!

  9. Rebekah Stak says

    Why is Ignatious a celebrity –why is being famous a credential???? What does it take to be a great youth pastor? His answer “x-box, games, and a moderately priced haircut” Is he serious???? And then he says “ministry is based on some verse in the Bible” -and what would that verse be??? Can you reference it, quite it??? Or are you too busy … Read Moregetting your hair flocked?? He does “prayer-lattes”??? What about getting in the WORD OF GOD and actually reading/studying it!!!! And he watches Chronicles of Narnia films to prepare? Is he hiding the fact that he cannot read anything beyond a first grade level? He has obvious disprespect for the prayer the youth group is playing? The man is a power fame hungry WHORE. He exemplifies the goat among the sheep, I am so angry my hands are shaking as I am typing this. How DARE he presume to be a youth pastor because he can say a few fancy words. The reason he did not use the BIBLE -the INERRANT WORD OF GOD when he “teaches” is because he would be exposed as a fraud. How ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC that professing Christians cannot see through his SHAM!!! Thank goodness that man kicked him out, but why is he “famous” and people were excited about him in the first place???? I agree with you Sandra -he never should have been invited in the first place!
    This is pathetic and what is sad is there is “teaching” no, wait theatrics like this and children being raised by so-called churches and not by parents and then parents wondering what went wrong? There is sooo much more to be said, but I hope that God will rain judgement on frauds like this and pray for true revival across the land!

  10. frank carpenter says

    We are in an age when there have to be womens bibles mens bibles etc etc. The word is becoming less and less enough. The hearing of the word and the working of the Holy Spirit is ALL one needs…and another thing…I certainly hope that nobody thinks Bono or his band U2 are made … Read Moreof believers. Look at Christ when you look at a teacher. You can not tell me that this mirrors how Christ, the Almighty savior of men, would teach. Anyone who does should look again.
    And another thing…the argument that Kids are different now so you have to teach them different is not correct. Who is your God that his Word, his saving word is not enough. Those who are elect before the foundation of the world to come to christ dont need fancy ways to HELP God! Who do we think we are?

  11. Rebecca: It’s a skit. Not real.

  12. LOL, that is fantastic… who says americans dont get irony and sarcasm 🙂

  13. Wow. She would probably never get shows like the office. The irony is that she made the same point that the video meant to make. :p

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