September 29, 2020

If I become Lutheran, Anglican or Catholic, it will be because I watched this too many times.


  1. >…Jesus whirled in worship – spun like a record.

    OK. Where and when?

  2. It’s not the ‘worst’ worship as it doesn’t register to me as worship at all. It’s blasphemy.

  3. Dave Miller:

    This guy in the video (Rick Pino) is not the worship leader at Lakeland even though Pino did appear at Lakeland for a couple of nights to give the Lakeland Revival worship team a break. The main worship leader at Lakeland was Roy Fields and he appears to be trying to “re-create the magic” once again with a “worship Camp” in late September in all places, Lakeland, Fl

    another crazy and bizarre Rick Pino video similar to the one IM posted

    it seems like this is a ‘routine’ that is used anytime a ‘dead crowd’ needs to be ‘awaken’ to feel like ‘God moved”.

    I can easily see why someone would want to become Lutheran, Anglican or Catholic over this. I can easily see why some would want to leave Christianity altogether after watching this video. Just think that they really believe that they are part of the “Joshua Generation” nonsense and that this is part of that lifestyle.

  4. I agree with the Guy from Knoxville that this indicates the end is upon us. The problem with the church in America isn’t liberals. If the “conservatives” were actually full of light, light would be shining in and conquering the darkness. But alas, this country is full of churches that look like this and are welcoming the darkness of flesh-centered entertainment to the point of gross irreverence into “worship”. How can the church be a light that transforms and lifts up the world around it when videos like this show a church that wants to be like the world and can’t get enough of it? Persecution of the church is coming but not, as folks in this video would surely claim, because the world is getting more evil as a prelude to the rapture which will carry off these narcissistic “worshippers” into an eternal rock concert, but rather because the church itself has lost its salt and is good for nothing but throwing out.

  5. Notice how he keeps trying to get everybody to join in the antics. If he sees someone not participating, he just shouts louder, “Everybody!” It’s as if the fact that someone isn’t joining in in the pep rally or following his every instruction, it must mean that they’re sitting in judgement on what happens and he has to stifle that immediately. Is that an overreaction on my part? As a teenager, a Christian rock band visited my church youth group and put on a concert. I didn’t much care for it, but I was there and when the band leader started shouting instructions sort of like this guy in the video to do various motions with the music, I chose not to participate. I wasn’t standing with my arms crossed with a smug or defiant look—I was just standing there observing and listening. The band leader actually came down off stage to the row I was in and indicated that he was going to make a scene with me if I didn’t start doing the motions. These “praise” leaders are nothing more than vain power seekers, thriving on the ability to manipulate people and hating anyone who has the audacity not to follow their lead or who oppose them in any way.

  6. Well, they do look to be getting a healthy work-out! Even when I used to go to rock concerts, I didn’t like being told what to do and I didn’t do it. So others would be jumping up and down and shouting and whatnot and I would just sit, watch, listen. My husband was the same way. We just were not the “active” type. Yet, now, I don’t mind sitting, standing, kneeling, professing faith on cue during the Mass.

    I think many of us feel a need to belong to a “team” and to do “team” things. I go in and out of team mode myself. Sometimes, I want nothing to do with being a part of any team and I just go on by myself. But it can get lonely living that way…and unhealthy. The trick is to find a team that is healthy, supportive, loving. And to make sure that you know the Captain of the team very well!

  7. That was repetitive nonsense. What a disgrace!!

  8. We love the “lordy”?

  9. Great! Worship can be fun and corny and most of all loud! The Lord allows fun to be had! Why not let loose!!! I’m still waiting for an all metal-hardcore worship team or church! iMonk you should start one!!!

  10. The singing alone cracks me up.

  11. I was at a water park with my kids yesterday and the “real” (aka “secular”) version of this song was played over the loudspeakers. From the lyrics, it appears to be a song about a sex act.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Not surprising. As South Park put it, “It’s easy to write Christian songs. Just take 20-year-old pop songs and substitute “Jesus” for “Oooooo Baby!”

      Though what I heard the song was originally about a stripper doing a pole dance.

      And the sock-spinning could have been worse. At least they didn’t spin them round round baby round round Jamaican-style. According to Maurice Broaddus’ blog, in Jamaica it’s common at open-air concerts to set your T-shirts on fire while spinning them around round baby round round over your head. “More Fire! More Fire!”