October 29, 2020

I wrote a big essay

I wrote a big essay called A Young Person’s Guide to Revelation. Maybe I should do more of that sort of thing. I just got tired of the fact there is nothing out there of this type, and I need it all the time. So I wrote it.

This whole job business is so mentally contradictory that I hate to think about it. God, if someone could just call or write or something, and give me some light. If I hear nothing, of course I stay here. If I stay here, can I write and preach and be me? Or will I become something else? And do I really want to spend my last years in this Arminian Revivalistic atmosphere? That is so tough. I just want to say, “THIS IS ME!” and not be embarassed.

These guys who used to come to my devotions and now they don’t….it is bothering me. One of them was such an encouragement. Over and over, God has put me in my place by letting people walk right past me and into minsitries that seem- at least to me- to be barely recognizably Christian. In some ways, it’s predictable. And in others, it really bothers me.

Dennis Miller is having a rough start. I love the show, but I almost hope it doesn’t work so I can skip it. If it’s on, I’ll not be able to resist.

Two good sermons this week. I can do this, and can do it here. That may be the biggest evidence of all of where I should be. I’m simple and this is simple. I preach. They listen.